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Fox (anthropomorphic)






Mitt is a male anthropomorphic fox standing roughly 5’8” tall. By no means is he a menacing sight – indeed, he gives off a vibe of being rather cool and contented.

He has the usual slender muzzle of his species, the fur on top being shiny black, fading to a pearly white as it reaches his lips and below. The pattern continues over his head, with the majority of it being covered in the same black fur, save for the insides of his ears which are white. At the very tip of his left ear, you can see two silver bars have been pierced through it tugging this ear down a little lower than the other one.

A mop of thick, deep blue hair crowns his head, clumped together in a number of thick bangs which are brushed back over the top to keep them out of the way. His vibrant hair frames a pair of deep yellow eyes with obsidian-black round pupils. Around the fox’s neck hangs a chunky black leather collar with three D-rings around the circumference and a solid silver buckle.

This fox is normally clothed lightly – usually wearing a plain tee. His arms remain unadorned, the fur on them being entirely black. Around his waist hangs a well-worn leather belt with a few square studs pressed into the centre of its circumference. This is holding up a baggy pair of black and grey camouflage cargo shorts with no shortage of deep pockets, each looking like they contain a great many things.

The fox’s exposed lower legs are covered with the same black fur, leading down to a pair of digitigrade hindpaws which always go bare. The undersides of his paws are white, in contrast to his black leathery pads.

Swaying between his legs is a thick, bushy and most definitely huggable tail which trails down to the floor behind the fox. It is the same black fur along its entire length, with the exception of a few inches at the end which are white. At the very base of his tail sits a silver cuff, a couple of inches in length and maybe half an inch thick, completely unmarked – this, along with the collar and the bars in his ear, appears to be the only accessories the fox wears.


MittFox, Mitt, Mitty


Those few the fox invites to see his abode will find it to be a medium-sized farm building well off the beaten track. Given the location and type of building, the house is by no means immaculate, but it is a homely place which becomes all the more apparent as you head inside.

Ground floor:

Through the front door, visitors are met with a surprisingly modern, spacious living area, somewhat at odds with the exterior. Three rooms branch off: the dining room and kitchen to the left; living room to the right. Straight ahead were a store room and two flights of stairs leading up to the bedroom and down to the basement respectively.

It is clear that the living room is where the fox spends most of his free time. Sumptuous leather sofas frame the room around its walls with beanbags, cushions and other soft furnishings scattered around the rest of the floor space. A large television and all the modern games consoles might also hint at the fox’s interests, as might also the two large bookcases filled completely with all manner of tomes big and small, old and new. The entire room has a distinctly sweet smell, no doubt from the incense that was burning on the mantlepiece.

Heading into the kitchen, you can see that it is very clean and tidy, as though its owner took considerable pride in it. The first thing that might grab your eye is the generously sized range cooker in the middle of the room, capable of laying on all but the most demanding of banquets in the right hands.

First floor:

There are only two rooms which make up the entire top storey of the building: a bedroom and a bathroom, the former somewhat larger than the latter. The bedroom is entirely open-plan and only the bathroom has a door.

It is clear that the fox has spent a lot of time and money on the bedroom. A huge round bed has pride of place in the middle of the room, covered with soft cushions and velvet sheets. The room is comfortably lit from above by a simple chandelier and a number of sconces adorning the walls.

Much like the living room, this room has a subtle spicy scent from candles and incense that flank the bed. Atop a sturdy pine dresser sits a rack containing small vials of essential oils which gave off their own combined smell should you get closer. Opposite the bed, a huge floor-to-ceiling window promises some truly breathtaking sunrises.

Along one wall is a large oak dresser, easily big enough to accommodate a year’s worth of outfits and then some.